Safety and Support Services

Fuel Truck

Truenorth Helicopters operates a 15,000lt Jet A1 fuel tanker. This vehicle is able to support operational aircraft across Australia

Benefits of operating a tanker are;

  • More time on site for lifting, fire fighting etc
  • Less time Ferrying aircraft to fuel
  • Remote operations are managed with ease
  • The Heavy Rigid tanker is able to work in remote areas bridging with larger articulated prime movers
  • Can move with the aircraft reducing down time

Truenorth Helicopters can also operate the tanker individually for customers with their own aircraft, contact our operations team today to discuss.

In-Field and Out-of-Hours Maintenance

A maintenance vehicle/van, set up with tool control and ground support equipment, is available to Truenorth Helicopters in association with Rotorfix Aircraft Maintenance. Our mobile van provides a rapid response to unscheduled maintenance in the field or schedule maintenance. This support will be offered 24/7 to ensure minimal disruption to the aircrafts’ flying schedule.

The purpose built towable base station engineering support van has two separate compartments. The workshop and crew accommodation. The base station is self-powered, has a lighting tower providing an illuminated climate controlled environment for engineering staff working night or day in unknown/unscheduled locations.   


Your safety is our first priority. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. Company Safety Systems are all fully CASA approved  and a regular internal audit system keeps our safety cultural active.
All aircraft are fitted with real time tracking systems and monitored every flight.
Our pilots have a minimum requirement of 2000hrs before employment with Truenorth Helicopters and need to be highly skilled in all aspect of our operations.

 Please give our friendly team a call or send us an email for further information.