air work

Truenorth Helicopters is a foremost provider of specialist helicopter services to emergency organisation’s, mining operations, corporate and government organisation’s Australia wide.

The company has an impressive team of experienced professional helicopter pilots and crew that generate a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. 

Truenorth helicopters provides helicopter charter;

  • Kimberley, Broome and Kununurra
  • Pilbara
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia


Fire Management

Truenorth Helicopters specialises in fire suppression, personnel insertion and aerial iIgnition.

Founded in 2000, Truenorth Helicopters is an established aviation company, during which time has proved our reputation to both customers and industry, a professional, honest campaigner. Working with NSW fire-fighting and emergency services agencies for the last 18 years, we have provided the most efficient Australian product in its category and have a team of highly skilled staff.

In 2001 TNH first conducted fire operations in NSW, in an on call when needed basis with our Bell 407 aircraft. TNH was awarded a state contract in 2005 and has been a successful ongoing candidate for National contracts taking us through to 2022.

Winch capability was added to Bell 407 helicopter in 2003 with the 300lb Breeze winch system and then again in 2005 in our EC145 helicopter with a 600lb Goodrich winch system.  All aircraft are fully approved and audited by NAFC, RFS and NPWS.

In the past three years alone, the EC145 (HT 294) has delivered over 5.5 million litres of water to the fire line, and winched over 660 remote aerial fire fighters.

Truenorth Helicopters support equipment includes: 

  • Water Buckets 450Lt, 800Lt and 900Lt
  • Aerial ignition Primo  with fully trained staff
  • Hotspot Detection camera
  • Personnel Hoist 300Lb and 600Lb
  • Utility Basket to carry fire fighting equipment

Snowy Hydro Support

With a newly built Heli Port in the heart of the Snowy Hydro Scheme Truenorth Helicopters can offer a variety of service roles to support contractors engaged in the development of Snowy 2.0.

We can provide modern quality aircraft that has been fully accredited supplier to Snowy Hydro. 

Truenorth Helicopters project management skills has seen the company provide services in:

  • Aerial Crane / Sling Load
  • Aerial Survey
  • Mining Support
  • Exploration
  • Rig Moves
  • Geophysical surveys

We can provide:

  • Aircraft with seating capacity from 6 to 9 passengers
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Peace of mind to contractors that they have access to aerial support for their crews working in remote locations.

Sling Load

Truenorth Helicopters has vast experience in aerial crane services, lifting a wide range of equipment over and onto a wide variety of terrain and altitudes. Pilots are skilled in various line lengths depending on the environment they are working in, the most common being the 100ft Long Line.

 Some of the projects completed:

  • Drill rigs in Thredbo village landslide area for critical water pressure relief holes
  • Power poles around Guthega power station
  • Concrete kibbling and sky lining on new hydro power projects in the Kimberley
  • Building material transport and placement for Parks Victoria and NSW building projects, rock protection and various other resupply missions
  • Remote generator move for a mine site in an environment sensitive area
  • Geophysical survey sample movements

 We can provide:

  • Full suite of certified Lifting equipment
  • Cargo nets
  • Accredited ground support Personnel
  • Fueling facilities for remote work
  • Highly experienced pilots (min 2000hrs)


 Please give our friendly team a call or send us an email for further information.