1300 145 407

EC 145

*Passenger 9

*Range 500km

*Cruise speed 220km/hr

*Approximate Payload 900kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve)


Truenorth Helicopters owned and operated the first EC 145 in Australia. The EC 145 is a twin engine multi purpose helicopter that seats up to 9 forward face passengers.

It boasts a significantly larger cabin than similar helicopters in its class with unrivaled side loading (no door posts) roomy cabin and a flat floor all over the cabin area. The EC 145 is used extensively for corporate charter, crew transport, fire suppression and lifting jobs.

The EC 145 was developed as a modified BK117 but with a 150kg increase in take off weight and a 25% increase in range. The forward fuselage and nose section give the pilot improved visibility. The EC 145 is also the quietest helicopter in its class being 6.7 Dba below ICAO limits 3001.

We have fitted the EC145 with a rescue hoist, which is extensively utilised by National Parks NSW and the Rural Fire Service. The EC 145 is also equipped with air-conditioning, satellite phone, headsets for maximum passenger comfort, pop out floats and satellite tracking system for safety monitoring.