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Our Fleet

Truenorth Helicopters operates both multi engine and single engine helicopters to meet the variety of our customers needs.

Aircraft can be fitted for off shore and boat operations, ambulance fit, VIP and mining charter operations.

The company aircraft flexibility allow our customers to get the full utilisation from our aircraft for example a mining company able to move multiple workers on site and also utilise the aircraft as an emergency rescue vehicle if they have an accident on site.

Talk with our operations staff to find out how Truenorth Helicopters can help your business

EC 145

*Passenger 9

*Range 500km

*Cruise speed 220km/hr

*Approximate Payload 900kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve)

Truenorth Helicopters owned and operated the first EC 145 in Australia. The EC 145 is a twin ...

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BELL 407

*Passenger 6

*Range 700km

*Cruise speed 235km/hr

*Approximate Payload 750kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve)

Equipment: Hook, winch, Air conditioned, VIP

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AS 350

*Passenger 5/6

*Range 660km

*Cruise speed 210km/hr

*Approximate Payload 540kg-1000kg (model dependent)

*(1hr fuel plus 30m...

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*Passenger 6

*Range 580km

*Cruise speed 200km/hr

*Approximate Payload 550kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve)

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*Passenger 4

*Range 510km

*Cruise speed 172km/hr

*Approximate Payload 426kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve)

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*Passenger 3

*Range 546km/hr

*Cruise speed 182km/hr

*Approximate Payload 289kg

*(1hr fuel plus 30min reserve

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