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Commercial services

Truenorth Helicopters is a Dynamic multi role business with advanced aviation skills including single and multi engine helicopters. The company has thousands of hours experience in technical and advanced operations such as winching, boat and aerial crane.

Truenorth Helicopters has managed contracts in Australias harsh environments and to the highest of standards required by our government emergency departments.


Truenorth Helicopters has vast experience in aerial crane services, lifting a wide range of equipment over and onto a wide variety of terrain and altitudes. Pilots are skilled in various line lengths depending on the environment they are workin...

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Truenorth Helicopters provides support to mining organisations around Australia. Truenorth can provide multi engine aircraft that meet the highest of mining industry standards. The company has passed multiple external audits and operates under ...

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Helicopters are the ultimate aerial filming platform. Whether you are shooting stills or a 3D Movie, Truenorth Helicopters pilots have operated throughout Australia on many projects.

The company can assist with;

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Truenorth Helicopters operates a 15,000lt Jet A1 fuel tanker. This vehicle is able to support operational aircraft across Australia

Benefits of operating a tanker are;

  • More time on site for lifting, fire fig...

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