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In one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth, between Timor Sea sunrises and Berkeley River sunsets, the ultimate Kimberley adventure and refined indulgence awaits.

Only accessible by air or sea, getting to the Berkeley is half the adventure.

Leave modern life far behind and relax into the rhythms of nature in your ocean-view villa floating atop the coastal dunes.

Be one of the privileged few to set eyes upon breathtaking wilderness landscapes by river cruise or helicopter flight.


Taking off at the break of dawn, you’ll land atop a lofty peak in plenty of time to pop open the champagne and feast on fresh fruit and cheese as one of the greatest Kimberley shows commences.

Pull up a rock and watch the sun’s rays awaken the outback from deep blues and purples to the golden glow of greens and reds, accompanied by a chorus of birdsong.


The majestic twin falls of King George Sound are the highest twin waterfalls in Western Australia, plunging an impressive 80 metres – a truly staggering scene to behold from the air.

Soaring to an altitude of 900 feet to afford you the most sensational views of the falls, we’ll then follow the mighty King George River along its dramatic course to the ocean.

Marvel at the cavernous gorge it has carved over millions of years. Look down upon Kalama Bay, famed for its amazing WWII maritime rescue. And search the waters below for jabiru, turtles, crocodiles and dugongs.





The Kimberley has a secret... its home to some of the most ancient rock paintings on earth. A unique opportunity exists for you to experience a rare glimpse of this art. It is believed to have been created by an ancient culture which existed some 40,000 years ago...





Join a group or escape with that special someone for a picnic lunch beside a secluded palm-fringed waterhole or the majestic Mount Casuarina. All hampers are prepared by our renowned chef, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax and drink in the tranquility with a glass or two of something cool and refreshing.





On our way to the thundering Mitchell Falls, watch closely as the landscape changes from grassy plains to dramatic rock formations and pockets of lush rainforest dotted with ancient livistonia palms.

Touching down at the top of Mitchell Falls, you can explore this natural wonder as the spray from the falls gently cools your face.

With gourmet hamper in hand, we’ll then whisk you away to a special wilderness picnic spot before heading back to the coast to take in the spectacle of Admiralty Gulf, Vansittart Bay, Truscott airbase, Drysdale River and the King George River.




This remote and rugged wilderness has been home to the Cambra-Kulari people for many thousands of years, and no doubt many other tribes, as this was one of the main entry points into Australia when the first inhabitants arrived many millennia ago.

Landing at the Kalumburu Mission, the northernmost permanent settlement in Western Australia, you’ll get to meet some of the Indigenous locals before we visit their famous museum that tells the fascinating story of one of Australia’s most isolated missions.

Departing Kalumburu, we head north over Napier Broome Bay, Cape Londonderry (the northern-most tip of Western Australia), finishing with some sensational aerial views of King George Falls.



With your own private helicopter at hand to hop the Kimberley’s remotest fishing spots, you’ll enter prime barra territory where only the privileged few have ever cast a line.

Picture the scene as day breaks on the water and lights up a stunning wilderness backdrop. It’s just you, your guide, your bait and the barras, and you’re filled with adrenaline as you try to snap that lure on for the first cast.

This is pure Kimberley adventure.

All heli fishing is fully guided, with rods supplied and casting and landing tuition provided to help you land your barra.